Esther Eden speaks to Musitrendz about streaming, studios, recording and her new hit single ‘Is this Love’

Esther Eden grew up in the UAE, listening to her mother singing along to jazz music and Ella Fitzgerald. With a voice way beyond her years, at the age of 18 now, her vocal maturity has reached a tremendous peak.

Her music journey started off with a life changing experience. In 2014, Jessie J heard Esther performing and filmed the entire performance on her phone.

She also invited Esther to sing her original song at Jessie J’s concert that very evening for an audience of over 10,000 people. A truly inspiring story that hit the headlines and so Esther’s fan base started to develop since then.

At the end of 2015, Universal Music MENA signed a record deal with her to produce and release her new debut album.

Esther Eden was nominated for the Emirates Woman, Woman Of The Year Awards 2016 For the BEST YOUNG TALENT 2016 and has been featured in KhaleejTimes, The National and was given a Full page takeover on iTunes.

Esther’s debut album ‘Solitaire’ was released on November 18 2016 on Universal Music Mena and features the single ” Is this Love”.


MTrendz met up with hot rising Dubai star Esther Eden to discuss musical equipment and the current music industry.

Do you think that how much artists receive for streaming is ok ?

Now there are so many sites where you can download music for free.  There are few loyal fans who will pay for music and I am forever grateful for these fans who continue to support me.

What changes would you like to see in the music industry ?

Nowadays people are so into singles that they don’t listen to the artist in their entirety – would love to see a change there.  Not to forget the autotune and lipsyncing done for albums/concerts.  I am still surprised to see major artists that perform behind a fully recorded song instead of singing it themselves.

What instruments, equipment, recording and production gear do you use ?

I have an Ibanez semi acoustic guitar that I use.

What’s the best studio you have ever recorded in ?

For the Red Bull Bass camp in Dubai, they had set up these amazing studios for our use which had the best of everything – that was a real treat to work in.

Who’s your fave all time music producer ?

Jake Gosling

Drum machine or real drummer ?

Real Drummer

Do you prefer the studio to live work ?

Both have their own excitement.  Recording and live work both bring out the creativity in an artist but in different ways.  You have the adrenalin rush at a performance yet you have the satisfaction of amazing music being recorded in the other hand.

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