Jessie J’s 2nd album didn’t sell as well, but that’s alright

Jessie J doesn’t think she’s a ‘flop’ because her second record didn’t do well.

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The 26-year-old British singer released her album Alive last September, and although it initially peaked at number three on UK music charts, it quickly slid down to a lesser position in the Top 40.


Jessie J at some ceremony
Jessie J at some ceremony

Alive got a Gold certification, which means it sold a mere 100,000 copies, but Jessie won’t take the low numbers personally.

‘I’m very aware of how Alive sold, which is why right now I’m working on new music to be put out ASAP,’ she told Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

‘I’m a businesswoman as well as an artist and I’m aware Alive didn’t do as well as Who You Are, but that doesn’t mean I’m a flop.


‘It doesn’t mean I’m not talented. It just means I have to re-evaluate what’s going on in my life and what I can improve. It’s funny that people tell me like I wouldn’t see it.’

Jessie’s debut LP Who You Are reached platinum in several markets around the world when it was released in 2011.

But the star thinks there’s still hope for the future despite the fact Alive hasn’t sold millions like her previous outing.

At the top

‘One year Yves Saint Laurent is the biggest-selling clothing line and the next it’s D&G. You can’t be the person at the top all the time,’ she said.

Jessie is planning to release the American version of Alive later this year.
In January, the songstress revealed to fans she recently scored a huge professional opportunity.

‘I’ve been offered one of the biggest deals ever in my life that I’m writing a song for,’ Jessie told Capital FM. ‘But I’m not gonna tell anyone [what it is].’

According to the outlet, Jessie confirmed the project is not a movie.

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