Flirt with Danger’s Les Rowley talks equipment and studios with MusiTrendZ

British-based electrosurfbilly band, Flirt With Danger have released their debut album, ‘The Mini-Album’.

The music is an imaginative, provocative and eclectic mix of neo-rockabilly, surf, 60s garage and proto-punk, combined with analogue synth sounds. The lyrics draw on both modern concerns and retro-futuristic imagery, very much in line with the burgeoning atompunk artistic scene. It represents a significant departure from the existing UK music scene and has already attracted considerable interest in the USA, particularly in California and Texas.

The tracks were written by Les ‘Spaceman’ Rowley, the former keyboard player of South London indie rock band, Brilliant Pink, theatrical heavy metallers, Aunt May, and drum’n’bass trio, Tectonic.

Mr Rowley said, “This is just a taste of a large catalogue of material that provides a refreshing alternative to a popular music scene that’s become somewhat staid and formulaic in recent years.”

In true punk DIY spirit, Flirt With Danger are not signed to a record company, and the mini-album is both self-financed and self-produced. All songs were recorded in Worcester-based studio, The Space Underground and professionally mastered at Metropolis Studios.

The mini-album can be heard at

The mini-album will be available through bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and all the usual digital stores.


Do you think that how much you receive for fans streaming your music is fair ?

A fraction of a cent per play? No, not even close. How creatives should get rewarded adequately for their efforts is still a subject for debate, and, sadly, I haven’t heard any convincing possibilities yet. Older models were little better. Copyright was developed in the middle ages for printing books by the hundreds, it’s impractical for the modern era, irrespective of what anyone may regard as the morals of the issue.

What changes would you like to see in the music industry ?

Transparency about where the money goes. The dishonest run out of business. A new rewards model, as above.

What instruments, equipment, recording and production gear do you use ?

Imac running Logic Pro X with loads of plugins

Gretsch Tennessee Rose

Gretsch Champagne Sparklejet

Gretsch G5127

Some Gretsch dobro or other

Fender Strat

Squier CV Tele

Squier VM Baritone Jazzmaster

Taylor 214CE acoustic

Squier VM Jazz bass

Rickenbacker 4003SW bass

Tanglewood travel acoustic

Epiphone Les Paul

Rift 5C amp (copy of a 1953 champ)

Fender Blues Deluxe amp

Some Laney bass amp

What’s the best studio you have ever recorded in ?

Evelyn Studios in Leytonstone

Who’s your fave all time music producer ?

Martin Hannett