Be inspired by soulful new single by up and coming artist Ess B

Multi-talented musician Ess B inspires with new single Make the Change

Musician Shaquille Browne, also known as Ess B is not only a multi- instrumentalist, which includes playing the drums, but aspires to make a difference with his inspiring, uplifting music.

His latest single, Make the Change is a testament to this dream and if the response to his music video on Youtube, is anything to go by, this talent is set to reach that goal.

With over 4 000 views on Youtube Make the Change is a strong, R&B anthem that is relevant to the times.

In 2018, Ess B decided to enter the national Ragga Soca competition with a song entitled “Remote Control” then in 2019 he returned to the Soca semi- final arena and appeared at the national Soca Monarch competition as a guest artiste with a song called “Woman Island”.

While his main style of music is R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae and Soca, Ess B enjoys experimenting with all genres of music.

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