PRADO” slays in new single ‘They made you for me’

‘They Made You For Me’ is the name of the dynamic single released by Cuban-Italian pop artist PRADO. The single is the perfect mix of both PRADO’s roots as well as many different RnB, Pop and Caribbean sounds into a song that manages to be both chill and a dance song.

Having grown up in Toronto, Canada, her parents were a huge influence not only in her life but also on her music tastes. Both her father and grandfather were professional musicians in Cuba, which is why music had always been an important part of her life. Growing up, music artists like Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessie Reyez made her feel a strong calling toward music that mixed Latin and English sounds. This was what she started working towards with her own music. Having worked tirelessly to create unique combinations that would allow her to establish herself in the Latin/ English crossover genre she is now ready to start releasing her own music into the world.

‘They Made You For Me’ is the first step in that music journey. While PRADO has a lot of experience with music, these new songs are actually exposing her to the industry and are helping her find a great audience of people who not only enjoy her music but would also want to hear more. With strong lyrics and great rhythms, the songs that PRADO makes are truly the perfect mix of the two genres.