The beautiful and relaxing new album ‘Denver’ from ‘Royce DeZorzi’ features 16 new acoustic guitar tracks.

‘Denver’ is the incredible new folk acoustic guitar album from ‘Royce DeZorzi’. The full length album ‘Denver’ was recorded and produced over the summer at Royce DeZorzi’s home studio in Denver. The beautiful and relaxing album features 16 new acoustic guitar tracks that are very melodic and chilled, taking you on a meandering acoustic guitar journey of beautiful soundscapes with a dreamy and lush production.

On his new full length album, Denver, Royce DeZorzi nods to the mountain city where he shaped his sound while also paying homage in parting, as he soon relocates to Nashville, TN. Denver is a snapshot of the city he’s called home, weaving threads of his own experience into the tapestry of the plains, mountains, and sunsets that dance across the Front Range.