Moonlight Rhythm Society (MRS) consists of three band members, Peter Gaylord, Marcus Oberlechner and Andreas Oberlechner who release new single ‘Demons, Trolls and Dragons’.

Moonlight Rhythm Society (MRS) consists of three band members; Peter Gaylord, Marcus Oberlechner and Andreas Oberlechner who have been together in various band permutations since the mid-1980s. Moonlight Rhythm Society released their debut EP Drawing Down The Moon in 2021 to much praise, getting over 1 million streams on Soundcloud of their single Allison and more.

Their last single Data was awarded critical acclaim and stellar reviews.

Currently the band is consistently writing new songs with the objective being to release a new song every 2 months and build up a substantial catalogue of material.


“The song seeks to put into words the irrational effect that jealousy has on the individual’s thought process. Even though there may be no basis extant for the individual to harbor any suspicions whatsoever, the individual’s own insecurities may lead to him questioning why his partner still stays in this relationship when there are many more attractive, richer, competent people out there that could potentially take her away from him.

Once the seed of suspicion takes hold, rational thought goes out the window leaving him with his own demons to do battle with. The scenarios that the jealous mind conjures up have no basis in reality, especially alone at night when there is nothing else to distract him, allowing him to obsess and add fuel to the fire of his anxiety.

So he pleads for her to be with him during these most difficult times to slay these demons, trolls and dragons his jealousy has created in his mind”. 

MRS has drawn its inspiration from artists such as Sting, Steely Dan, Al Jarreau, Paul Simon to name but a few and has been driven to write original and melodic material that will appeal to both the public at large as well as musicians generally.

“As always, the music they create is the perfect balance between genres. There is a clever, pop awareness to the melodies that lead the way here, innovative hooks which take you by the hand and guide you to the dance floor, enough groove and drive come from toying with a rock structure but cleverly holding back from its worst clichés and excesses. Soulfulness prevails both generically with the gorgeous harmonies, cascading piano motifs, restrained guitar licks and gentle brass applications. It is the sound of Moonlight Rhythm Society taking just one more step away from the mainstream and into more discerning pastures, a path they have always been on but walking with increasing confidence with every release”.