Solo Symphony: Ian C. Bouras Announces Unprecedented Release of Two Improvisation Masterpieces

Renowned guitarist and live looping artist, Ian C. Bouras, is set to surprise music enthusiasts with not one, but two thrilling improvisation CDs slated for release during the summer of 2024. The recording process for these highly anticipated albums is scheduled to kick off in the winter of 2023, promising a musical journey like no other.

What makes this announcement particularly exciting is that Ian C. Bouras has never ventured into the realm of solo improvisation releases. While he has demonstrated his instrumental prowess and improvisational talents in various settings, his sole foray into the world of improvisation was marked by “Refractions of Sound,” where he collaborated with Dion Abraham on the Electric Wind Machine (EWI).

Apart from his solo performances and recording ventures, Ian C. Bouras is widely recognized as one half of the mesmerizing improvisation duo, Book of Clouds. Within this collaboration, Bouras employs an array of sonic effects to craft intricate soundscapes that enchant audiences with their emotive depth and complexity.

One unique aspect of Ian C. Bouras’s musical journey is his embrace of live looping techniques. These techniques, born out of necessity due to his Ataxia, a neurological condition affecting his coordination, have played a pivotal role in shaping his distinctive style of songwriting and performance. By skillfully layering loops of guitar parts, Bouras creates sonic tapestries that push the boundaries of conventional music.

Bouras’s improvisations have consistently garnered acclaim at live performances, earning him a dedicated following of music aficionados eager to experience his artistry. As he prepares to embark on the recording process for his upcoming solo improvisation CDs, he is keen to translate the magic of his live shows into meticulously crafted studio releases.

Critics have praised Ian C.

Bouras’s improvisational abilities, with Mark Druery of Indieshark offering high praise, stating that “He has a painterly effect, each note and loop expanding on the track’s initial impulse, without ever sounding too self-important.” With such accolades and his innovative approach to music, Bouras’s forthcoming releases are poised to captivate audiences and add a distinctive chapter to the world of improvisational music.

Music enthusiasts and fans of Ian C. Bouras can eagerly anticipate the summer of 2024 when his two improvisation CDs are set to hit the shelves, each promising a musical odyssey filled with creativity, emotion, and an innovative approach to the art of live looping.

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