Catch me rolling chants ‘Seyi Senzino’ on the mesmerising beat infected ‘Category 3’

As the first beats of Seyi Senzino’sCategory 3’ drift through the air, I feel the frown fade from my face and let my eyes close.

The music is like a soft whisper telling me to relax and just enjoy the music and it seems this is a message I desperately needed.

Seyi Senzino’s hit single, released only a few short days before Christmas, is already becoming a fan-favourite, as it’s a highly relatable tune that speaks to the listener in a very unique and personal way.

‘Category 3’ is a song of faith, a song about waiting and hoping, but also a song about fear, regret and worry. To me, it’s something of a chameleon song, in the sense that no matter what you’re feeling at any given moment, you can still find something in the song that appeals to your current mood.

Whether you’re angry, lost or simply tired, you find a warm, silent strength in ‘Category 3’, both in the melody and the lyrics and Seyi Senzino’s smooth, deep voice does nothing but heighten the enjoyment.

“You put in work, you put in time, put your life to it,” sings young Seyi Senzino and mostly anyone can find these lyrics somewhere in themselves. We all know what it’s like to work toward something, whether it’s a life-long ambition or simply a difficult school project, we’ve all dealt with both hard work and disappointment, frustration and perhaps bitterness and somehow, despite his impressively young age, Senzino speaks with a wisdom beyond his years, infusing his lyrics with great spirituality and resilience.

But that should come as no surprise to anyone who’s even remotely familiar with Senzino’s background. Now a resident of Vancouver, Canada, he originally came from Nigeria in the pursuit of higher education.

It seems he is as ambitious as he is talented and is at present studying to become a virologist, but also working on his musical career, eager to do as much as he can with the obvious gift God has given him.

Given Senziano’s age and talent, I trust that the very catchy ‘Category 3’ is just the beginning in a long line of musical successes.

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