Chantel “Cece” Washington Releases New Hit Single

When it comes to talent, few women possess quite the same “je ne sais quoi” as CeCe Washington, a passionate new artist whose adoration for all things R&B and gospel have opened up the doors of opportunity for her career. Indeed, taking inspiration from these two seemingly different genres, CeCe can perform extraordinarily in any situation she finds herself in!

Her EP single and music video Body was released on the 13th August, and she achieved great acclaim thanks to her collaboration with Kimmy. The single’s success propelled CeCe’s career to new heights, and to this end, her newest release, “What is Love,” is expected to release soon across major music platforms.

There’s something quite unique and captivating about CeCe Washington’s music, and it is arguably this nature that captivates us as the listener and leaves us desperate for more of her content. Indeed, regardless of whether she’s recording in the studio or performing live on stage, CeCe is able to capture the hearts and minds of anyone listening – and we genuinely can’t wait to see where her future projects will take her.

Social distancing performances through Roku television and live social media stage performances are just a few of the things we can look forwards to, and after a year of hardship, we could all do with something exciting to hold onto.

Besides, as she herself says, “all things are possible, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different.” Those are undeniably words to live by, and we can’t wait to see what CeCe makes possible next!