‘Dance Euphoria’ drop the amazing new single ‘Dance Without Limit’

SONIC JOY Records presents ‘Dance Without Limit’, the exciting and breakthrough 4th single from DANCE EUPHORIA.

DANCE EUPHORIA is the amazing and sonic Dance & EDM project from the prolific and inventive producer John Meisel.

John Meisel is known for his distinctive productions, creative use of electronic sounds and audio landscapes that are perfectly designed for dance floors and electronic music lovers.

DANCE EUPHORIA puts emphasis on powerful beats, highly melodic EDM styles and the pure Joy of Dance & Life!

Talking recently about the widespread appeal and success of his music and productions John Meisel said “It doesn’t matter if you have the grace of a ballerina, the ecstatic hip swivel of a Saturday night queen or just a good dose of zest for life which lets your body move with the energy and colors contained in these songs”.

Dance Euphoria features world-class vocalists but also powerful, highly danceable rhythms as well as melodic complexity, making it a perfect match for all club, dancefloor, festival & dance fans!

The single ‘Dance without Limit’ is released worldwide on 5 December 2019 on Sonic Joy Records.

“Get Up & Dance!”

DANCE EUPHORIA - Dance Without Limit - Banner


SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/sonicjoyrecords/dance-euphoria-dance-without-limit-excerpt
Video Clip: https://youtu.be/Z-gljDxiPos
Purchase or stream the song here: https://ampl.ink/qp2Km



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