‘For The People Tho’ is the latest release by Toriyama and is all about uplifting yourself, being liberated but not too serious

On April 24th, 2021 Artist Toriyama put out a free mixtape on datpiff.com entitled ‘For The People Tho’. This is his first solo project. It’s about uplifting yourself, being liberated but not too serious. Ajgod another artist from Kurse Krew produced most of the songs and mixed everything. He produced tracks like Sharif, Losin & KXNG Yaphet the opening. It’s sung for all the people in the pandemic or somewhat feeling in a way & has to pay nothing but more bills. Toriyama figured there’s a lot in the works why not put out a free tape.

Toriyama is from Oakland, California. He met Perfect Prophet & Ajgod in High School where they started their collective Kurse Krew. The group put out only two projects and slowly got older and phased into their respected elements. The most consistent out the collective definitely being ajgod put out multiple projects, Beat tapes, albums. Plus he’s producing for other local talents. Toriyama linked up with ajgod to do a joint tape entitled Krew Entertainment streaming on every platform. On the Album Ajgod show’s off his production & mixing. Toriyama spits on every track except the interlude.

There’s a song with every Kurse Krew member called Krew.
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