Gliffo drops single ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’and tops the German and Italian Charts

You whistled a melody in your smartphone and a couple of months later you hit the charts ! This happened to Gliffo, the German newcomer, who woke up one morning with a melody stuck in his head. He whistled this melody in his smartphone and sent it to a friend in Berlin who – as it happens – is a music producer. His friend spotted the catchiness of the melody, completed it and created – in cooperation with the artist – a rock/pop arrangement with interesting guitar licks and two house remixes for the Dancefloor.

“ Get The Sun In Your Head“ hit the German and Italian Amazon Download Charts and in Germany it even reached the 10th place shortly after its release.


The music video also produced by Jörg Sieghart earned 100.000 views in the first four weeks and has received a great deal of positive feedback from Radio stations, music blogs, music magazines and playlist curators . At the beginning of April 2019 “Gliffo” had 10.000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


The good-vibe-song, ‘Get The Sun In Your Head’ has been very well received by quite a large audience so it is not really surprising that the first remixers are eager to create their own versions of this song. An acapella version is already under progress and a new single is in the planning stage so we are quite curious what will be Gliffo`s upcoming release.

Gliffo - Get The Sun In Your Head (1500x1500)

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