UK grime boi ‘Little Joshy’ unleashes the electronic, twisted bombastic, dark beats and spit of ‘Let It Go’ onto lockdown UK

Little Joshy releases his debut single ‘Let It Go’

UK based recording artist ‘Little Joshy’ released his Grime fused track ‘Let It Go’ on all streaming platforms.

Inspired by the Grime scene legends like Wiley, Chip and Skepta, Little Joshy plans to put his own twist on the sound by fusing more singing into the genre.

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Growing up with learning challenges like ADHD created it’s own set of obstacles for Little Joshy.


After discovering Grime music from artists like Stormzy, Skepta and Wiley, Joshy was motivated to make the move to the big city of London to pursue his dream.


UK grime boi ‘Little Joshy’ unleashes the electronic, bombastic, dark beats and spit of  ‘Let It Go’ onto lockdown UK  – MusiTrendZ

After booking a session at Hot Money Studios, Joshy created his first single ‘Let It Go’.


You can learn more about Little Joshy on Instagram: