Have a religious experience with the new album “A Warrior’s Call” by Gospel, rap and trap artist Phaze 3.

Gospel is an often misunderstood and unappreciated genre of music, with many seeming to believe that the golden generation of Gospel has long since perished. To those people, all we have to say is, you don’t know where to look, because Gospel is not only alive and well, but actually thriving with artists such as Phaze3.

Having first discovered her love of music while singing for the church chorus in her hometown, artist Phaze3 held on to this passion throughout the years, combining it in time with her skill as a spiritual leader. Joining the professional music industry in 2018, after a long and successful career as a spiritual healer, she cleverly combines several genres, among which trap, R&B, rap, and of course, Gospel. In the past couple of years, she’s put out several good tunes, and in late 2020, she released her first album, a powerful and stunning debut entitled “A Warrior’s Call”.

“A Warrior’s Call” is the religious music you’ll love even if you hate that sort of thing (and if you happen to be a fan, then you’re in for a treat). It’s got power, and style, which immediately manage to charm you over, so that by the time the eleven songs finish, you have become a loyal fan of Phaze3, and will return to her music over and over.

Filled with instant hits, such as “Be With Me”, “Love Complicated” and “Cosign”, the album is melodious and in true Phaze3 style, combines several styles of music to create a powerfully unique blend. “A Warrior’s Call” also features a remarkable collaboration, “The Queen”, with fellow artist Yanni-Pooh.

All I can say is there’s a little something for everybody on this album from Phaze3 and you will have the artist’s sultry, harmonious, and thoroughly energizing voice stuck in your head a long time after the music itself is over.

Stream album here: https://open.spotify.com/album/6VLqRFcEukSd2m6znq3eIJ?si=5cN298cFQdi7tdkYWUg3Hw