Ravoshia’s latest single ‘No Love’ has a magical feeling to it

Ravoshia’s latest single No Love has a magical feeling to it, combined with a fresh edgy pop and r&b sound. It’s definitely highlights her vocals and creativity especially with the harmonies she does in the record. The single is continuing to move forward in recognition with over a 170,000 plus streams via Spotify which is well deserved.

The United Kingdom in particular has showed a-lot of love to Ravoshia as she is a phenomenal multi-talented female artist, songwriter and stellar entertainer who is becoming more & more known for her brilliant catchy records, and creative out of the ordinary content. Dive into this masterpiece “No Love” and feel the emotions captured with:

“Not looking for no love you see
can’t give you all of me
not looking for no love
& no love, no love, no love
Just let my heart be free”