Tony Manfredonia is a Michigan-based composer and orchestrator who releases new E.P ‘Lost at Sea’

Tony Manfredonia is a Michigan-based composer and orchestrator turned singer-songwriter with his debut album, Rose Water, and EP, Lost at Sea. With nearly a decade of composing classical music for the concert hall and video game soundtracks, his premiere as a vocalist, pianist, and songwriter blends his symphonic expertise with that of his love for alternative rock.

Rose Water delves deep into the life of he and his wife, Maria. It chronicles the agony she endured during the first four years of their marriage. From depression, to chronic illness, to the loss of her father via suicide, Rose Water sheds a new light on these topics of suffering from the perspective of a spouse. 

Leaning more deeply into his orchestral roots, Lost at Sea is 4-track EP that focuses on the loss of his father-in-law. Starting off with the piano ambience of Praying for Night, it quickly moves into the riveting and sweeping sounds of Lost at Sea, transitioning into the darker tones of Midnight — a Coldplay cover featuring Nat Willow on violin and additional vocals —, ending with Praying Goodnight, which provides a sense of closure to Tony and Maria’s grief. 


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