TRENDING MOVIE JAZZ: Perfect for those Café and Movie Days, Multi Award winning Singer/Actress Shani Rigsbee’ is ‘Changing Tides’

Rare is an item that is accommodated by only those who possess that sentiment to do so. Why are we bringing up this topic?

If that’s what you’re wondering then the answer is “Shani Rigsbee” who is that rare entity that we will be embarking on. Who is the prodigy “Shani Rigsbee”? She is a multi-award-winning Artist who is a Singer, Composer and a Producer being the perfect commodity for a rare energy pack that will bestow you with lit performances and fire songs with diverse melodies all for her fans to relish instance being her new release “Changing Tides” that allures the audience around the world.

Polishing the raw talent into a shining diamond that she endows now, “Shani Rigsbee” introduced a wide range of international music that was appealing and astounding to hear. Being the capable she is, Shani received a number of diverse awards like “Best Theme Song ‘Rise’ from San Francisco Global International Film Festival”, “Best Film Singer from San Francisco New Concept Film Festival, “Best American Crossover Artist from Big Apple Music Awards” and many more worth mentioning awards which is nothing but a long list that will literally days to be unveiled.


Just an American girl from a small town in Arkansas with a love for rhythm and melody and moved to the big city of L.A. and marked her name on the world. What an inspiring person for all those who bear aspirations that are close to their hearts. Featuring on shows like Warner Brothers released feature film, AMERICAN WRESTLER, GUARDIAN ANGEL, for THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (DreamWorks).  In THE KEEPER – THE LEGEND OF OMAR KHAYYAM (Guide Company Films) while also writing the theme song “The Good Fight”, “El Llamar de Pasión – Call of the Wild” in the ACADEMY AWARD WINNER for Best Picture, Shani stole the hearts of countless people around the world who became bias wrecked by the diva.

Shani Rigsbee has parlayed her skills both in the music world and her experience as both a performer on screen and stage into also producing and directing many of her own music videos setting her apart from other artists making her extraordinary and her personality appealing to others all through her continuous hard work and dedication. Working in many charitable, humanitarian and service-oriented capacities, the diva has set the bar on top of being an artist whose music is remarkable while her personality is stirring.

“Shani Rigsbee” is the validity that is marking her name in the music industry while bringing her fans music that would be a source of serenity and enlightenment for them bestowing them something more to listen rather than just tunes.


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