Wendy Halo’s stunning new track, “Compromise”, the latest in a long line of successes, can only be described as a classic love tune

Right out of the book of instant gospel classics comes an artist so promising and compelling that for a moment, you honestly won’t know what hit you. Hitting play on one of Wendy Halo’s tunes is like taking a journey into musical past, one filled with virtuosos, love and a sheer, overwhelming passion for making good music.

Halo’s stunning new track, “Compromise”, the latest in a long line of successes, can only be described as a classic love tune, one particularly well-suited to our modern society, where relationships only seem like the latest commodity and fighting with your partner is, as Halo herself puts it, ‘the usual’.

Despite the subject choice, Halo’s music ultimately sends out a hopeful message to her listeners, one that reaching a compromise is possible, if only we care enough for the other person.

Interestingly, the song itself manages to bring together the best of two worlds – Halo’s voice is so powerfully sensual and reminiscent of a different age, and yet, the beat itself, as well as the hip-hop male voice that joins in somewhere mid-way through the song makes it a modern-day tune, appealing to both young and older audiences alike.

Halo, though young and in the early stages of her musical career, has already demonstrated tremendous passion and dedication for her craft. Abandoning a high-end job in London in corporate management, she decided to follow her life-long ambition of making a music and do her talent and her heritage (coming, as she does, from a musical family) justice. Exchanging the dull, business-like atmosphere of cloudy London for the sunny, passionate shores of Marbella, in Spain, she’s giving her full time and attention to this exciting new venture.


And she’s obviously got a knack for it. The voice, now, that’s a given, she’s clearly been blessed with an angelic and sultry voice that could charm almost any audience, but Halo also demonstrates her ample talent as a songwriter, penning powerful, yet flowing lyrics that stay lodged in your head long after the song itself is over.