MUSITRENDZ RAP DISCOVERIES: QüeDavinciYO brings out a real and vibrant music video for addictive new track ‘Yes I do’

From the first few beats, QüeDavinciYO’s “Yes I do” gives you the feel of one of those old school Hip Hop tracks, reminiscent of street music’s golden era. As one of the young ladies that appear in the music video for QüeDavinciYO’s dope new track says, we’re looking at some of Brooklyn’s finest here.

The song is repetitive, in nature, which makes it catchy and easy to listen to. Although I first listened to it while working, I got the feel of a good driving song. You know, something to listen to on the radio and just drive, perhaps with no real destination in mind. It’s catchy not just for the easily memorable lyrics, but also for the way it makes you feel good about yourself. As one can guess from the title, “Yes I do” is a very positive tune. By constantly chanting “yes I do”, QüeDavinciYO manages to get you feeling better about yourself, even when you’re not all that happy.

Getting back to the video, I think it’s perfect for the song. Combining random shots of crews of young people just hanging out on the streets with images of QüeDavinciYO singing on the hood of a car at night, it offers the viewer the ideal insight into the neighborhood, which is important, because these are the people and this is the place (presumably) that inspired QüeDavinciYO to write this song. It’s undoubtedly the mood of his day-to-day and by seeing it, we can better appreciate the song.
“Yes I do” is about affirmative action, it’s about believing in yourself, a trait many young people lack these days, which makes it that much more necessary. By seeing all those different people, we’re reminded that everyone goes through both good and bad times, both smiles and sadness, and through it all, we must keen believing in ourselves.

Having grown up in a tough neighborhood and seen all the grit that life has to offer has obviously made QüeDavinciYO a stronger man and we can hope to hear many more great songs for him in the future,  because although he is extremely young, he demonstrates immense potential.