TheUmutmusic drops a similar vibe to Chris Brown, The Weeknd and Miguel with his well written and melodic production on new drop ‘With You’

TheUmutmusic release a brand new single on the 21st of February 2020, and it will be available on all music streaming platforms on the web.

Umut is an artist with a focus on creating unique hip-hop, R&B Pop songs. He is ready to impress people with another spectacular release. In fact, he recently announced the release of an upcoming new single titled “With You.”

This much-anticipated new song is definitely a breath of much-needed fresh air, particularly in a genre such as hip-hop. Everyone seems to be stuck in the same old cliches, and as a result, this particular music scene is becoming a little bit stale. However, every once in a while, something fantastic and full of heart comes up, just like Umut’s new release.

When listening to the song, it’s impossible not to immediately connect with Umut’s passion and charming vocal style. His vocal sound is sultry and hot. His tone often echoes the work of singers such as Adam Levine (Maroon 5) or even Bruno Mars and Pharrell.

TheUmutmusic has a distinctive vibe that adds a larger-than-life feel to his music. He did a great job on “With You,” as the track stands out as a perfect calling card for this talented artist. The release hits the mark for its production. It has a fresh sound that adds value to the artist’s production aesthetics, going for a one-of-a-kind tone. In addition to that, Umut’s performance feels spontaneous and direct. His voice is direct and authentic, making an impact.

If you are a fan of artists like Chris Brown, The Weeknd, and Miguel, Umut’s music should definitely be your cup of tea. The sound of this particular release is very nuanced. The song showcasing the immediacy of an artist who has a lot to say, and who is passionate about creating purposeful music. From the quality of the production to the artist’s charismatic persona and the song’s mood, all the right ingredients in this sonic recipe are here. There is a timeless feel to the sound of this song. It doesn’t chase trends or stylistic cliches but rather follows along with a pattern of authenticity.

Umut’s strong vocal delivery will remind the audience of some of the very best modern neo-soul and R&B artist. However, he also has energy levels commonly associated with the best hip-hop music out there, going for a powerful and dynamic feel. The instrumental track is perfectly balanced, allowing the vocals to stand out and pop to the forefront of the mix. There are many contributing factors that make the sound truly excellent: partly, it is due to the expertly crafted mix, and partly due to the clever arrangements and spontaneous performance. This release is a combination of passion, focus, and vision, and it combines instinctive artistry with true technical expertise, bridging the gaps between the best of both worlds. If you enjoy punchy hip-hop music with a hint of pop, this is most definitely going to be right up your alley. Give it a shot and find out more from the links below!

With You is actually a great addition to the artist’s discography, and it is a great next step in his work. It is a great addition to other songs, as well, such as the well-received song “Desire,” which premiered earlier to great critical reception from the music industry and the artist’s audience alike.

Find out more about Umut, and do not miss out on “With You,” which is going to be available from the 21st of February 2020. The track is going to be uploaded to streaming platforms and download services like Spotify and iTunes, as well as Youtube and many others.

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